Is marriage planning underway? Do you dream of an unforgettable experience in a magical setting? A place you thought only existed in fairy tales? Château Saint Julien d’Aille is the place to bring your wedding fantasies to reality.

From the ancient Chapel, the luminous Palatium hall, the terrace overlooking the vineyard lined with rows of chestnut trees, the forged iron pergola, the fountain, the lake, the olive trees and parasol pines – there are limitless avenues of enchantment where one can forget oneself and photos to be taken that will be forever treasured.


Salon mariage Saint Julien d’Aille


Mariage Domaine Saint Julien d’Aille

You can plan your special day year-round. From January to December, the versatility of our domain caters exquisitely to the nuances of each event, whether the reception is hosted inside the Château by the warmth of the grand fireplace, or outside in one of the expansive settings. Please contact Florence to arrange a visit or to request a quote.

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At Saint Julien d’Aille we are committed to doing everything possible to make your time with us beautiful and unforgettable. We look forward to discussing how.

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