Séminaire Vinci Saint Julien d'Aille

Are you a business, association or group looking for the ideal place to host a planning session, team building or customer event? Château Saint Julien d’Aille is the perfect place to host your team or customers. Whether hosting a working event, meeting or mini-conference accompanied by breakfast or lunch, or an environment well-suited for outdoor activities to build the “esprit du corps” of your management team, we are prepared to tailor a professional and enjoyable experience you and your clients or team will remember.


Séminaires Saint Julien d’Aille


Activité Saint Julien d’Aille

Company Christmas parties, gala dinners, special events such as antique car collector get-togethers, product launch parties…at Saint Julien d’Aille our environment is adaptable to host diverse social events that are certain to please. Extensive parking lots and multiple indoor and outdoor sites provides the versatility for any group or gathering.

Please note that our facility is completely handicap accessible

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Château Saint Julien d’Aille is ready to help plan, organize and deliver you special event. Contact us to discuss how we can make your day a unique and unforgettable one.

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